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Nail Filing Scratch Board

Nail Filing Scratch Board

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Nail Filing Scratch Board
Regular price $44.95 AUD
Regular price $60.00 AUD Sale price $44.95 AUD
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Safe and Gentle Filing: The board's surface is made from a durable material that files down sharp nails without damaging the delicate paw pads, ensuring a safe grooming session every time.
Health and Mobility: Regular use of the scratch board helps prevent the complications of overgrown nails, such as posture problems, joint pain, and mobility issues, contributing to your dog's overall well-being.
Painless Experience: By allowing dogs to control the pressure and duration of their scratching, the board ensures a painless experience, eliminating the discomfort often associated with clippers or grinders.
Effortless Upkeep & Robust Design: The Dog Nail Scratch Board is low-maintenance and built to last. A simple wipe-down removes nail residue, ensuring enduring quality and straightforward care.

This pet scratch board offers a serene alternative to nail clippers, perfect for dogs who dread traditional nail trimming. Crafted to align with your dog's instinctive scratching behaviours, it not only enables them to file their own nails but also includes a dedicated treat reward spot to encourage use and make the experience enjoyable. No longer fear for your furniture as your pet will delight in the self-reliant grooming while associating it with positive reinforcement.




    • Material: Wood
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    Nail Filing Scratch Board